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TXDBGrid component


TXDBGrid component is a powerful functional extension of standard TDBGrid component. TXDBGrid component looks beautiful and implements many additional features like: fixed columns, fixed styles (flat and 3D), Windows XP themes, many variants of gradient drawing style, enhanced flat and 3D scrollbars, proportional scrolling for any DataSet even filtered, expandable columns and title headers, checkboxes, hot buttons, title and indicator images, many variants of pictures drawing into cells, title markers and multicolumns sorting, enhanced lookup lists, pick lists and drop-down lists, calculator, calendar, storing and loading columns layout (to ini file, registry, stream, string), enhanced support for bdRightToLeft BiDiMode, extended rows selection and notification, multiline rows and auto-numbering, hints, tooltips, column stretching and many many more ...

TXDBGrid 4.1 offers in addition: auto-updated quick sequence number, auto-changed sorting order for all standard DataSet descendants (ADO, BDE, CDS, DBX, IBX), auto-calculated totals values for whole DataSet and/or for SelectedRows, 4 kinds of integrated totals footers, many variants of drawing totals cells according to current FixedStyle & FixedTheme and some others improvements.

TXDBGrid 4.3 offers in addition: extended dgMultiSelect option with multiselection of rows, columns and cells, mouse scrolling and tracking, auto-created AutoNumer and AutoSelect column, AutoComplete functionality, new grid's style of lookup and pick lists, extended functionality of lookup lists, auto-loaded PickList and formatted PickText list.

TXDBGrid component is fully compatible with standard TDBGrid and can be used as a replacement without losing existing settings. It's also compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and can take advantage of Windows Themes. TXDBGrid has its own ColumnEditor, which can fully support all new column's properties.


TXDBNavigator represents a gradient database navigator. TXDBNavigator is a functional extension of standard TDBNavigator. TXDBNavigator introduces several new properties to control border of buttons, gradient drawing style and parent's background.

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Main advantages of TXDBGrid:

  • Excellent context help system (over 370 topics)
  • Hints and ToolTips for data cells
  • Hints for titles, headers, indicator and filler
  • User defined markers list (TitleMarkers)
  • User defined indicators list (IndicatorImages)
  • User defined pictures list for columns (Images)
  • Pictures for titles and filler (TitleImages)
  • Many variants of pictures drawing into cells (ImageDraw)
  • Autotoggled markers for multicolumns sorting (OrderFields)
  • Support for fixed columns and styles (FixedCols, FixedStyle)
  • Support for bdRightToLeft BiDiMode for Middle Eastern locale
  • Support for mouse wheels and drag & drop for selected rows
  • Support for save and restore row position in the grid
  • Extended rows selection and notification (OnRowSelect)
  • Additional options for pick/lookup lists (ListOptions)
  • Additional options for PickList/PickText (PickOptions)
  • Stretching columns to grid client area (StretchMode)
  • Multiline rows, title buttons, headers and many more ...

See also, what new was introduced in version 3.x.

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Below they are located some screenshots of the demo applications included in all packages. Click on selected screenshot to see its bigger version.

Custom Styles (RAD Studio XE3, XE4)
XDBGrid - zoom
XDBGrid - zoom
XDBNavigator - zoom
XDBNavigator - zoom
Custom Styles (RAD Studio XE2, XE3, XE$)
XDBGrid - zoom
XDBGrid - zoom
XDBGrid - zoom
XDBGrid - zoom
XDBNavigator - zoom
XDBNavigator - zoom
XDBControls - zoom
XDBControls - zoom
X-DBGrid Test for ADO, BDE, IBX
Test for ADO - zoom
Test for ADO
Test for ADO - zoom
Test for ADO
Test for BDE - zoom
Test for BDE
Test for IBX - zoom
Test for IBX
Classic Windows Style Windows XP Style
fsDefault - zoom
fsSoft - zoom
fsNice - zoom
ftDefault - zoom
fsFlat - zoom
fsGreat - zoom
fsGray - zoom
ftButtons - zoom
fsFine - zoom
fsMild - zoom
fsMild - zoom
ftTabs - zoom
Classic Windows Style Windows XP Style
DBControls - zoom
Demo #2 - zoom
Demo #2
Demo #3 - zoom
Demo #3
DBControls - zoom
Windows 8 / 7 / Vista Style Windows 8 / 7 / Vista
ftDefault - zoom
ftButtons - zoom
ftTabs - zoom
DBControls - zoom


X-Files Components 1.0 (June 14, 1999). First version for Delphi 4.

X-Files Components 1.1 (July 4, 1999). First version for Delphi 3.

X-Files Components 1.2 (September 9, 1999).

  • New Option - dgIndicatorMarkOff
  • New properties - ImageOffsetX, ImageOffsetY
  • New properties - CheckBox, CheckBoxValues, CheckBoxToggle
  • New procedures - IsCheckBoxValue, ToggleCheckBoxValue

X-Files Components 1.3 (October 16, 1999). First version for Delphi 5.

X-Files Components 1.4 (December 18, 1999).

  • New Option - dgAllowDeleteOff, dgAllowInsertOff
  • New properties - StretchMode, StretchWidthMax, StretchWidthMin, WidthBase
  • New properties - ScrollBarHeight, ScrollBarWidth, TrueWidth
  • New procedures - StretchGrid
  • New events - OnColumnResize, OnColumnScroll, OnRowScroll

X-Files Components 1.5 (March 26, 2000).

  • New properties - FillerButton, FillerColor, FixedCols, FixedStyle
  • New properties - RowHeight, TitleHeight
  • New events - OnFillerClick

X-DBGrid Component 2.0 (June 24, 2000).

  • New procedures - HeaderLeft, HeaderRight
  • New procedures - DisableGrid, EnableGrid, GridDisabled
  • New properties - Report (Visible, TotalType, TotalText, TotalMask)

X-DBGrid Component 2.1 (November 7, 2000).

  • New Option - dgMarkerAutoToggle, dgMarkerAscendOnly
  • New properties - FillerHint, FillerIndex, FillerPopupMenu, HintOptions, IndicatorImages, IndicatorPopupMenu, IndicatorWidth, OrderFields, TitleImages, TitleMarkers, LastShiftState
  • New properties - ColLineWidth, RowLineWidth, Indicators, Markers
  • New events - OnCalcImageIndex, OnCellHint, OnIndicatorClick, OnOrderChanged
  • New procedures - BeginOrderUpdate, EndOrderUpdate, SetupOrderFields
  • New properties - EditorHint, ToolTips, ToolTipsWidth, TransparentColor, Images, AutoToggle, Hint, HeaderHint, HeaderHintRows, ImageIndex, MarkerIndex, OrderIndex
  • New procedures - ToggleMarker, UpdateMarkers
  • New procedures - ModifyOrderFileds, ExtractOrderFields, CommaToSemicolon, SemicolonToComma

X-DBGrid Component 2.2 (March 21, 2001).

  • Context help system
  • Custom multiline editor
  • Support for BiDiMode property

X-DBGrid Component 2.3 (July 17, 2001). First version for Delphi 6.

X-DBGrid Component 2.4 (November 25, 2001).

  • New Options - dgAutoUnselectOff, dgExtendedSelect
  • New properties - SelectionAnchor, DragRows
  • New procedures - SelectAll, SelectRows, InvertAll, InvertRows, UnselectAll, UnselectRows, ColGetText, ColSetText, DisablePosition, EnablePosition, PositionDisabled
  • New events - OnColGetText, OnColSetText
  • New properties - ListOptions (loAutoDropDown, loSelectNextValue, loAllowClearValue), PickOptions (poDropDownList, poListItemOnly, poSelectPickText, poStoreItemIndex, poAcceptPickList, poAcceptItemIndex), PickText

X-DBGrid Component 2.5 (March 25, 2002).

  • New Options - dgInternalSelect
  • New HintOptions- hoDataHints, hoShowDataHints
  • New properties - IndicatorHint, Column.Hint
  • New events - OnColExpand, OnRowSelect
  • New HintCell - hcData, hcIndicator

X-DBGrid Component 2.6 (September 17, 2002). First version for Delphi 7.

X-DBGrid Component 3.0 (September 7, 2003). First version for C++Builder 5 & 6.

  • New Options - dgForceSequence, dgThumbTracking, dgHotButtons
  • New properties - RecNumber, RecCount, AutoNumber, FixedTheme, GridStyle
  • New procedures - ForcedSequence, UpdateSequence, IsGridThemed
  • New class - TGridStyle (DataRowSpace, HeaderRowSpace, TitleRowSpace, TitleColMargin, VisualStyle)

X-DBGrid Component 3.2 (March 15, 2004). First version for Delphi 8 for .NET.

X-DBGrid Component 3.3 (July 20, 2004).

  • New properties - Ctl3DAuto, DoubleBuffered, EditorColor, FocusRect, HotButtons, ListBorder, MarkerStyle, MarkerTransparent, ResizeOptions, ScrollProp, SelectionColor, SelectRowColor, StripeColor, WheelScrollRows, OnExpandClick, FlatSBMode, Position, DataRowCount, ColumnsWidth, FixedColsWidth
  • New methods - ColumnAtDepth, DefaultEditorColor, DefaultSelectionColor, DefaultSelectRowColor, DefaultStripeColor, DropDownMenu, DropDownPoint, GotoPosition, MouseWheelScrollRows, ThemesEnabled
  • New properties - CheckBoxKind, CheckBoxStyle, DialogOptions, DropDownMenu, DropDownWidth, ExpandCols, ExpandStyle, Visibility, Report.DialogOptions, Title.DropDownMenu
  • New class - TXScrollProp(AutoHidden, Color, ParentColor, ParentStyle, Style, ThumbBar, WinXPMode)

X-DBGrid Component 3.4 (October 8, 2004). First version for Delphi 2005 (.NET & Win32).

  • New events - OnMouseWheel, OnMouseWheelDown, OnMouseWheelUp, OnMouseActivate
  • New method - DefaultSelectCellColor
  • New property - SelectCellColor

X-DBGrid Component 3.5 (April 10, 2005).

  • New properties - LookupDataSet, LookupKeyField, LookupListFields
  • New ButtonStyle- cbsCalculator, cbsCalendar
  • New ListOptions- loShowToday, loShowTodayCircle, loShowWeekNumbers
  • New event - OnCalcBoldDays
  • New unit - XDBFields
  • New function - FieldGraphicClass
  • New classes - TXBlobField, TXGraphicField

X-DBGrid Component 3.6 (October 1, 2005). First version for BDS 2006.

  • New properties - Settings, AutoStretch
  • New event - OnLayout
  • New method - MoveTo
  • New class - TXDBGridSettings
    + properties - Active, FileName, IniFile, Layout, Options, Section
    + methods - ApplyLayout, EraseLayout, LayoutExists, LoadLayout, ReadLayout, SaveLayout, DefaultFileName, DefaultSection
  • New variables - DefaultDelimiter, DefaultIniFileName, DefaultRegistryKey
  • New functions - ScanStr, ScanInt

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